Alibaba Cloud Case Study - Uno Insights

The business is continuing to grow fast which is great! Keeping up with the pace of growth is going to be very exciting. We are currently analysing a shopping trip every 10 seconds in Australia and we plan to bring this down to every second. This is building Uno Insights the largest omni-channel data set in Australia. Asia is next on the horizon but that will depend on the demand from our FMCG partners.

The Uno Insights Team

About Uno Insights

Unocart Insights is the Google Analytics for brick-and-mortar shopping, giving FMCG companies real-time omni channel insights into consumer demographics and buying behaviours.

By leveraging mobile technologies to capture receipt images, Unocart has simplified the panelist experience which results in a broader, more engaged base of panelists than other traditional methods can deliver.

The Challenge

As any young startup the sheer increase in volume from finding product to market fit, can be overwhelming. Upon launch and some great promotional work, Uno Insights daily active users grew at a crazy rate overnight which sent the IT infrastructure into meltdown. The business recognized that it needed to move quickly to a more scalable and stable architecture whilst at the same time find a way to process thousands of daily receipt images in realtime.

The Solutions & Results

Uno Insights has been using a custom image processing pipeline to manipulate and process receipts images. By utilising Alibaba Cloud OSS on-the-fly data processing service, Uno Insights has been able to reduce image processing times by a considerable magnitude and dramatically reduce resource costs. By leveraging this service, it enables the business to provide an almost instant receipt processing experience to its users.

At the same time Uno Insights migrated to a micro services architecture on Alibaba Cloud. Using container registry and container services to reliably deploy workloads and orchestrate resources. Improve visibility through API gateway, cloud monitoring and service mesh on top of container services.

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Brenda Lai